Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Pump

I can name off a long list of floor pumps that I’ve had love-hate relationships with – Scott, SKS, Silca, Topeak, yadda, yadda.  When they are brand new, everything is wonderful, but within a matter of weeks or months things start heading south until you spend as much time trying to get the pump to work as you do actually pumping air into your tires.

I’ve bought replacement heads, rebuild kits, new hoses and even made my own gaskets trying to keep my floor pumps alive, but to no avail.  The three figure Silca was probably the most disappointing, as it never seemed to work great and probably cost more than the other combined.

I’ll admit that it’s still early in the game, as I’ve only been using this Lezyne Classic Floor Drive pump for a few months, but I’m smitten.  But the big difference with this pump is that there are many small indications that this one is finally going to last: extremely high quality constructin and materials, awesome gauge, super smooth head engagement, fast disengagement and accurate pressure measurement.  

The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive pump in black

The head operating is not intuitive, so you’ll have to read the instructions the first time.  No funky levers or switches that push down against a rubber gasket when switch from Schrader to Presta, just a different sequence with the awesome CNC collar.  It’s no surprise that the ABS2 pump head is available separately as a way to bring other brands or pumps back to life.

Lezyne’s ABS2 head is available separately

I’ve used the Lezyne for the presta tubes on our bikes and for the Schrader tubes on our Burley and my daughters Linus bike, and I can honestly say that the pump works equally well for either, which is a big deal for some folks.  At the same time, the dual-functioning head is – maybe for the first time in floor pump history – not a detriment to using it for just one valve type.  A roadie could use this for his or her presta valves for years without even knowing that it works on Schrader valves as well, and the same goes for someone who has never even seen a presta valve.  Heck, I even used it with a needle adapter to pump up a soccer ball.

Finally, I love love love the huge 3 1/2 inch gauge on this pump – so squinting or bending over to distinguish between psi and bar!