Duchy Wheeler’s Guvnor timeline

The prolific Mr. Wheeler has provided the following timeline of Pashley Guvnor models (adapted from his original timeline at the Guvnors’ Assembly) and limited editions, which I shall endeavor to keep up-to-date.


Single Speed – 42t/18t, Sturmey Archer X-RD hub
Three Speed – 42t/20t, Sturmey Archer X-RD3 hub
20.5”, 22.5” & 24.5” frames

Early pre-production promotional photos of single speed model featured ‘Pashley’ gold script logo on down tube and Gripfast wing nuts, but these were not used on production models.


Plus Four – Limited Edition of 50; 27t-45t/20t, Schlumpf Speed-Drive, Sachs Duomatic coaster brake rear hub, Sturmey Archer X-FD drum brake front hub
20.5” & 22.5” frames

Brass frame detail, issue number plate on bottom of seat tube. Brooks honey coloured B17 saddle, leather taped handlebars, bar end front brake lever and Gripfast wing nuts fitted to front axle.

Notes from Duchy Wheeler: “The frames of the 50 Plus Four cycles were brass plated prior to black powder coating. I understand this caused production problems, also note that these frames have no brazed on brake cable retainers on the lower side of the down tube.”

Below: the Guvnor Plus Four prototype (note lack of front brake lever)

Below: Plus Four and details, from Megadeluxe


Plus Two – 46t/20t, Sturmey Archer S2C kickback coaster brake rear hub, Sturmey Archer X-FD front drum brake hub
20.5”, 22.5” & 24.5″(?) frames

Brooks honey coloured leather taped ‘Major Taylor’ handlebar and bar end front brake lever.

Below: Plus Two prototype (note lack of front brake lever)

John Boultbee Limited Edition – Single speed, 22.5” frame

Grey frame, Brooks black contour embossed saddle and brown slender grips. Boultbee was the founder of J.B. Brooks & Co. – see Brooks’ current John Boultbee site.

Below: John Boultbee Guvnor (from Swipelife)

Ralph Lauren Rugby Tweed Run Limited Edition – 46t/20t, Sturmey Archer S2C coaster brake rear hub, Sturmey Archer X-FD front drum brake hub

Released in connection with NYC 2011 Tweed Run.

20.5 & 22.5” frames in blue, Tweed Run graphics on frame, leather taped grips and bar end front brake lever.

Below: Ralph Lauren Rugby limited edition Guvnor

Notes from Duchy Wheeler…

I understand that Pashley have also made various Guv’nor ‘one off specials’ for the cycle trade, the following have been noted:

A 24.5″ frame with leather taped handlebars and Sachs Duomatic rear hub. This was seen on the 2011 “London Tweed Run”, initially owned by Bobbins Bicycles, now by a Dr. Raybot of Chicago.

“Four Speed Custom” a Plus Four spec. cycle using a standard finish frame, (no brass frame detailing). This was noted on UK eBay mid 2010 & again in 2012; the current owner provided these photos:


Speed 5 – Sturmey Archer XLRD 5 rear hub with thumb shifter, stainless steel semi-drop bar, Brooks Swift racing saddle, British Racing Green paint scheme with metallic gold decals and race number, same frame and sizing as Guv’nor.

The first 100 bikes will be limited edition versions, hand numbered with certificate, and will feature a titanium-railed Swift saddle!
above image from Urban Velo

below: #57 (from Dave Radcliffe)


4 thoughts on “Duchy Wheeler’s Guvnor timeline

    • Update on brake levers – Cane Creek 200T also used, these are so I’m reliable informed are rebranded Tektro RX-4.1
      Safe rides, DW

  1. Very nice write up Duchy. How ‘flexible’ do you think Pashley would be to custom builds ? For example, if I was to shoot them an email and kindly requested a Speed 5 model with brass lugs ?

    Or am I dreaming ? As i’m not famous, filthy rich or a close friend of anybody at the Pashley establishment…

  2. Stathis…. sadly I don’t think Pashley Cycles would undertake a special order 5 Speed with brass lugs whether you are rich, famous or whatever! They had production issues with the Plus Four brass plating which involved the whole frame not just the lugs which in turn required more hand finishing than was anticipated.

    I do hope Dave doesn’t mind me mentioning here that I have a closed Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/290779011118199/ and I also issue an eNewsletter “The InFOURmer”, both of which maybe of interest. My new email contact: duchywheeler@gmail.com

    Safe rides ,Geoff

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